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Friday, September 18, 2009

The new safe arrived

My first impression is that this safe is much heavier. It took two people and a sack barrel to maneuver it into the house and my back is still sore. First, here are some photos:

This is obviously a fire protection safe, the make is Kingdom Safemakers Limited. Which I think is based in Australia. I would say its a fairly recent model.

There are two keys, one of them is in the lock. Both are bent. The key does turn and a click indicates that it disengages some locking mechanism. The key in the lock is stuck and I was unable to remove it so far. The handle next to the key should operate the bolts. It goes down slightly lower when the lock is unlocked (what I assume is unlocked).

The combination lock turns nice and freely, one hears distinct clicks with each disk that is being picked up in the lock. According to the clicks there are three of them. No gate can be felt at any location of the dial. However when pushing down the handle the gate is clearly felt around 85. This means that the handle brings down the nose onto the disks. This does not happen so clearly when the key lock is locked.

Therefore to measure the depth of the nose in the gate one would have to dial in a combination and then return to 85, pull the handle and measure the width of the gate. I tried this but found that the gate kept a very constant width over all samples I took.

Another way would be to measure how low the handle goes, assuming that it directly brings the nose into the gate and therefore indicates the current state of the combination disks.

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