This blog started with an old safe I bought with unknown content and combination. It describes the process of opening, finding the origins, contents and mechanics of the safe.

The posts are closely relate to each other and should probably be read in chronological order. Therefore, if you are visiting this blog for the first time you might want to start reading with the oldest entry and work your way back to the present time.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another unopened safe on the way

I successfully sold some of the silver from the safe online and reinvested a small amount into buying another unopened safe. I don't think I will find any treasures in this one (I was told by an expert that finding valuables in unopened safes that are sold is a very rare occurrence), but at least will have some fun in opening it. This one has a key and a combination lock. Luckily it comes with a key, which apparently can't be removed. It should arrive in the next few days.

The make seems to be Kingdom and a short search online indicates that they are manufactured in Australia. I will post some photos and more information as soon as the safe arrives.

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