This blog started with an old safe I bought with unknown content and combination. It describes the process of opening, finding the origins, contents and mechanics of the safe.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dong Bang Safe

I managed to buy another locked safe in this TradeMe auction for 30$NZ. This one might work out to be quite a nice challenge.

The safe has a key lock and a combination dial, but no handle. I don't have either the key or the combination.

The manufacturer label came off the dial when I moved the safe:

The label indicates it is from Dong Band Safe Manufacture Co., Seoul. Korea (fantastic name). It is quite small (48cm x 37cm x 38cm) and I can carry it around (less than 30kg). I don't think there is anything in it since nothing rattles or falls around when I turn it over.

Turning the dial I can feel it picking up three wheels. The last wheel adds quite a bit of friction. I can't feel any cam gate, which would indicate that the lever nose (see picture below) is held above the drive cam by the key locking mechanism. This means that the key lock has to be picked first in order to have a go at the combination lock.

I will have a go at it this weekend and post if I make any progress.


  1. Any progress on the latest Safe?
    That one looks like a real challenge...

  2. I have made some progress and will report on that soon. But the safe is still closed.

  3. email me ,

  4. I have been studying safes for a while and would like to share information with you. I just restored a old Drop Safe. I have opened a few group 2 locks with manipulation, I am working on a Group 1

  5. Hi Anonumous
    Maybe you could email me at:
    safe at hagedorn dot co dot nz


  6. Hi Mike. A friend has one of these. She has the key but has forgotten the combination. Any ideas ?